60 minute massage          -          $95                      90 minute massage          -          $135


45 minute massage          -          $80                      30 minute massage          -          $65





Remedial Massage

Our habitual postures and repetitive movements inflict undue stress on the body, causing pain and limiting our range of motion.  Our specialized remedial massage is a fully integrated approach to massage therapy which assesses both postural and soft-tissue dysfunction and addresses the specific issues in your body. Using deep-tissue techniques, such as myofascial and trigger-point release, this massage treats a broad spectrum of musculoskeletal issues.  This massage is excellent for injury, chronic pain management, and rehabilitation.



Signature Sydney Sport Massage

Athletes and athletic people suffer from a common range of conditions associated with playing sports, strength or endurance training, and other activities that require extreme physical exertion.  In our Signature Sydney Sports massage, our therapists use a combination of deep tissue techniques, combined with short strokes, friction, and passive stretching, to reduce the pain and tension specifically associated with these kinds of activities.  This massage also increases flexibility and range of motion and quickly restores your body to homeostasis, your body’s natural state of equilibrium.


As a pre-event treatment, not only will you feel less stiff and sore after an event, but pre-event massage can also increase endurance, prevent injuries, and promote faster recovery.



Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is an approach that is both therapeutic and relaxing.  It is especially beneficial for releasing chronic muscular adhesion and tension associated with regional pain such as neck spasm, repetitive strain injury, frozen shoulder, and lower back pain.  Our highly skilled therapists use a combination of techniques such as deep glides, friction, and compression to facilitate trigger point and myofascial release to incrementally restore the tissue to healthy states.



Swedish Massage

A gentle, full-body approach to massage therapy which incorporates long strokes, combined with kneading, compression, tapping, and passive stretching to release tension in both mind and body and to promote ultimate relaxation. This massage also increases circulation and lowers blood pressure. Getting a Swedish massage is a perfect opportunity to give yourself an hour (or more) to just let go. This massage also makes a perfect gift for someone who has never experienced bodywork.




Reflexology is an ancient form of holistic bodywork believed to have originated in China around 5,000 years ago. It is an approach to massage therapy which focuses on reflex points in the foot to promote healing. Using a dynamic combination of traction, foot rotation, thumb and finger walking, and highly specific compression techniques, reflexology is known to have curative effects in a variety of ailments. Some of these include arthritis, avulsion, bursitis, bunions, and fallen arches, as well as other conditions throughout the body, such as sciatica, tinnitus, migraines, and insomnia.





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